We are one of Portugal’s leading relocation agencies and, increasingly, property finder. For more than 5 years we have responded to enquiries from clients originating from more than 40 countries, who wished to explore Portugal as a retirement, relocation or investment destination. We have assisted clients from more than 25 countries in preparing their move to, finding a property to buy or rent in, and adapting to life in, Portugal.

Our primary focus is to assist individual clients, couples and families in finding residential property (to buy or to rent) in the Algarve, the greater Lisbon area, or Porto. A large proportion of our clients are retirees moving permanently or semi-permanently to Portugal, or families with children who will attend an international school. A smaller group are investors looking for yield-bearing acquisitions, and some are Golden Visa applicants.

We are also asked to source commercial investments such as land with planning permission, redevelopment opportunities, distressed projects and even hotels.

In addition, we have completed successful searches in specialist areas such as vineyards, properties with stables and even helped a rent-a-car company locate permanent car parking near a major airport.

What is common across all these successful engagements is our proven methodology, our established network, our dedicated search team, and our focus on you, as our customer, which translates into an unrelenting drive to show you as many relevant options as possible (and to eliminate those which are not). is the result of years of fine-tuning of this search methodology. Our service is considered essential by those clients who understand the value of their time and the benefit of drawing on local, specialist independent knowledge. It will appeal to clients who understand the benefit of having a local partner acting for you, as the buyer. And who appreciate the principle of loyalty. Feedback on the efficiency of the process, and the benefit of one of its key components, the Discovery tour, has been excellent.

Whether you are considering Portugal to live or to invest, we provide a range of services to help you to settle in or to manage your asset. Importantly, because of our wide network of partners, you should not need to go anywhere else for a range of supplementary services, all of which can be provided via a specialist ranging from lawyer, accountant, bank, insurance provider, property manager, cleaning staff, school application administration support, and much more.