Save: time, money, hassle. Benefit from: local knowledge, proven experience, vast network.

The founder, Luis da Silva, has lived in 10 countries and worked in more than 40. In that time, he has rented, bought and sold properties, developed real estate projects, made investments (both good and bad), been affected by global crises, run international businesses, moved his family, all across 4 different continents.

Luis has injected his passion for international migration and his love of new cultures and experiences, to the different businesses he has founded or run. This multilingual and multicultural expertise is reflected in our business model. The team’s experience has already been applied successfully to www.algarveseniorliving.com, which has an established reputation as a premier provider of relocation services to international retirees. This business has a uniquely client-focussed ethos which is the philosophy of our search service.

Our knowledgeable team is on hand to provide the level of personalisation and time which is unmatched in the industry. The team prides itself on delivering quality over quantity. As founder, Luis da Silva continues to contribute his expertise to many client searches, even undertaking some himself when time permits.

Changes in the market and the perceived “easy money” which can be made from real estate, have translated into a proliferation of real estate agents, immigration consultants and social media experts. Some agencies are run by people who have not had the experience of making good, or bad, decisions in the real estate market. Many have not invested in real estate themselves.

Many companies show as many properties to as many people as possible, in the hope that, on average, success will come from volume. Clients, encouraged by this scatter-gun approach, are tempted to hop from agency to agency, sending multiple information requests via e-mail, sometimes even after having made an offer on a property!

In order to achieve a win-win relationship, we prefer to work in close collaboration with our clients. The principle of a “gentleman’s agreement” of exchanging time and specialist knowledge in exchange for a promise of a future recovery of that investment, is no longer appropriate for modern society where information is so easily copied and shared. Professional service providers, and clients, collaborate based on formal agreements.

Here are some of the reasons why clients would benefit from working closely with us to find their ideal property:

  1. We are the only business that strategically works with both property rentals and sales;
  2. We are already the leading retirement relocation business in the Algarve, and one of those with the strongest track record and greatest variety of clients in Portugal (30+ nationalities and growing);
  3. We have one of the largest non-franchise networks in Portugal: hundreds of owners, many developers, more than 100 real estate partners with which we have formal agreements;
  4. We have a dedicated search team focused exclusively on client searches beyond our direct network;
  5. We also have a good network beyond the real estate, covering many areas of expertise essential to a successful move or investment abroad. This network is well proven in past searches;
  6. Our team is not evaluated only on sales success nor are they paid commission linked to the purchase price or rental amount. You are safe in the knowledge that our team is focussed on customer satisfaction. To us, whether you rent or buy is largely indifferent as long as it is the right solution for you.
  7. Simplicity: your ability to liaise with one partner on the ground, who can then act as your conduit to any other specialists, will reduce time and increase efficiency;
  8. We have a multilingual team;

And most importantly:

  1. We have done it before, successfully, several times, across several continents and to this very destination market: Portugal.